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Have you ever watched a TV show and felt instantly connected to whatever it is about, like the show has been made and broadcast especially for you. The first time I ever saw the travel show Departures I had that exact feeling. Randomly flicking through the Sky channels about 4 months ago I came across Departures being shown on the Travel Channel. Before this I had never really watched anything on the Travel Channel or anything to do with long term travel in general, but after only around 5 minutes of watching the show I was instantly hooked. This may be something to do with the fact that they were coincidently in Japan on that day, my top destination to visit, but more on this later. (I may even cover the Japan episode specifically in an upcoming post)

Departures travel show, Departures

Departures is a Canadian TV show that follows the adventures of Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, two high school friends now in their mid-twenties who reconnect to go on a year long adventure travelling around the world. They are joined by their friend and cameraman Andre Dupuis, who is sometimes seen in front of the camera but mainly stays behind it. Realising that life passes by so quickly, both Scott and Justin place their entire lives on hold, quitting their jobs and leaving friends and family behind in order to travel.

This is where I feel a real connection to the show, I feel that I am in the exact same place right now. I know my life is going well, I have a great job, family and girlfriend. I have my own flat and I am only about a year away from gaining my masters degree, but somehow there still feels like there is something missing. While all my friends are now getting married or having children, I’m finding myself wanting to travel. I believe that by seeing the world and learning about other unique and amazing cultures, that somehow it could help me to gain a new perspective on life.

The following quote from Scott Wilson of Departures sums it up perfectly for me.

This trip comes at a now-or-never point in my life right now I think and if I don’t do this now the window of opportunity closes. And you get married and you have children and those are great things and important parts of life but I’m, I’m not quite ready for them now so this is the time to strike.

There are 3 seasons of the show and within each season the crew visit a number of different Countries.

Season 1

  • Canada: Ocean to Ocean
  • Jordan
  • India x 2
  • Ascension Islands
  • Japan x 2
  • Cook Islands
  • New Zealand x 2
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Canada: Pushing North
Season 2

  • Morocco
  • Libya
  • Brazil x 2
  • Cuba
  • Mongolia x 2
  • Iceland
  • Zambia
  • Madagascar
  • Chile x 2
  • Antarctica
Season 3

  • Russia x 2
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Papua New Guinea x 2
  • Ecuador
  • Ethiopia x 2
  • Rwanda
  • Greenland
  • North Korea x 2
  • Indonesia x 2
  • Australia

If you have ever wanted to find out more about any of these places then I urge you to watch the show. Which you can do on youtube right here.( It seems the copyright to departures recently had the videos removed from Youtube but you can find out more about the show here)

As I mentioned earlier the whole reason why I fell in love with this show is because of the two episodes filmed in Japan. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the Japanese culture and just by watching Scott and Justin exploring the country I instantly felt the need to visit right there and then. Then I watched some more episodes on countries I have never even thought about visiting before, like Mongolia or Cambodia, and now I would love to visit both of these. Although Departures usual highlights the amazing experiences and friends that travelling can bring, it also shows the negative side of long term travel. There are constant delays, mishaps and tiring days but these only help you to experience the journey from your sofa even more.

I would love to hear from any fans of the show and about how Departures made you feel about travelling. Also I will soon write a dedicated post about the Japan episodes and to why these gave me the inspiration to follow my dream of travelling around the world.

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  1. Doreen

    My husband & I watch this show every morning at ten, we are in the higher 70’s now & always loved to travel. It’s almost like seeing all these countries thru their eyes. A truly wonderful work of art! Congratulations to all three of you on getting this together.

    1. LylaMary

      Those 2 Canadian young men are adorable. I travel with them every show Now I am 89 and wish I could do the things they do so instead I travel along while relaxing on my couch. Hugs to them both Lyla by the way I am a Canadian too.

  2. LylaMary

    Please don’t stop travelling, you two are the best because you are so real that I can feel as if I am with you in these awesome places. You are a great pair of delightful sexy men. Hugs Lyla

  3. LylaMary

    LOve the show never miss it. I was a traveler all my life and now at 89 I can still travel with Scott and Justin. LOve you guys, I’ m a retired Toronto High school teacher living in Cairo Egypt. Would have loved to have had you both in my senior English classes

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  6. Megan

    This is my favourite travel show! I own all the seasons!
    It was actually the thing that inspired me to get into shape. Kinda weird coming from a travel show. I realized back in 2011 while watching it that if I ever wanted to do the more adventurous stuff that they do, I would have to get fit. Great motivation.
    Scott does a new show now called Descending. It’s all about diving and underwater exploring. It’s really good actually. I would recommend it. πŸ™‚

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Hi Megan, its nice to meet a fellow fan of Departures. Being from the UK its rarely shown here anymore πŸ™ and since they took down the videos from youtube I havent been able to watch it. I would buy the DVDs but I havent been able to find a region 2 copy yet.

      Thanks for the info about Descending I hadn’t heard of it before will have to try and check it out.

      I checked out your blog and some of your youtube videos, they’re great keep up the good work. I also added you on twitter so hopefully you follow me back.

  7. Shaun

    Hey J,

    I actually watch this show every morning as I’m getting ready for work. Might have seen each episode ump-teen billion times. My fav travel show.

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      I know its awesome right, I can’t believe its not more well known. Whats your favourite episode?

      I love the two Japan episodes the amount of vending machines everywhere is crazy.

      (On a side note my gravatar profile has been a pain lately so hopefully my image displays correctly)

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